A biography of graet britains prime minister margaret thatcher

Inshe was invited to stand as the Conservative candidate in the safe Labour seat of Dartford. The biggest clash was a pitched battle at Orgreave near Sheffield, where 7, police fought 5, strikers. Mrs Thatcher sent a British expeditionary force to reclaim the islands.

See Article History Alternative Titles: After graduating and with the help of her husband who was immersed in the world of politics, she would join the Conservative Party. Her father was the owner of two grocery shops in Grantham, and Margaret and her older sister, Muriel, spent their childhood in a flat just above the larger of the two shops.

Riots and marches erupted across the UK. Inequality and homelessness increased across Britain. Thatcher, MargaretMargaret Thatcher, s. After winning a third General election inThatcher introduced the Poll Tax. In foreign affairs, the Falklands War illuminated her most significant international relationship, with Ronald Reaganpresident of the United States — The news of her death was received with mixed reactions, ranging from sorrow and praise to celebrations or strong criticism.

She believed that his main points about Commonwealth immigration were correct and that his selected quotations from his speech had been taken out of context. Her father was the owner of two grocery stores. Consequently, Thatcher decided that as "her voice was carrying little weight at home", she would "be heard in the wider world".

She admired American enterprise and society. Yet later in her premiership her ideas began to change.

Margaret Thatcher the “Iron Lady” – Former Prime Minister of Great Britain

Mrs Thatcher was adamant the conference should carry on. Margaret admired her father greatly and adopted his values and work ethics in what would later become her impressive political career. The economy boomed and London became a massive financial centre.

The Conservatives attacked the Labour government's unemployment record, using advertising with the slogan " Labour Isn't Working ". After graduating, she moved to Colchester, where she worked as a research chemist for BX Plastics.

When Margaret finished her school studies, she won a scholarship to study chemical sciences at the University of Oxford. Mrs Thatcher refused to bow under pressure. Bush awards former U. I couldn't do that. Margaret Thatcher suffered from senile dementia for several years of her life.

In a famous letter to the Times newspaper, economists wrote a letter arguing the government should change its policies immediately. She did not keep her opinions against the European Community hidden.

She instructed Conservative MPs to vote against the Scotland and Wales Bill in Decemberwhich was successfully defeated, and then when new Bills were proposed she supported amending the legislation to allow the English to vote in the referendum on Scottish devolution.

Her twins, Carol and Mark, were born at the end of the same year. All attempts to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail. The speech was applauded by some, but opened up divisions within the Conservative Party over European policy.

Margaret distinguished herself in school as a hardworking and disciplined student, involved in numerous extracurricular activities such as field hockey, piano, poetry recitals, or swimming. She preferred smaller and less powerful governments and deregulation, but agreed to free trade and an increase in competition.

Upon graduating from high school, she applied for a scholarship at Somerville College, Oxford to study chemistry. She began studying tax law in She gave priority to academic needs in schools, [68] while administering public expenditure cuts on the state education system, resulting in the abolition of free milk for schoolchildren aged seven to eleven.

The policy was unpopular with the public and caused many Tory MPs to lose faith in their prime minister. As a Prime Minister, Thatcher had the opportunity to put her ideas regarding a new economical approach to practice.

Biography Margaret Thatcher

The next morning she condemned the bombers in her conference speech. Local council rates were replaced with a flat Community Charge that everyone paid regardless of income.

Yet later in the Troubles, she was willing to compromise and she played an important part in the Anglo-Irish Peace agreement. Feb 27,  · Margaret Thatcher Biography Margaret Thatcher (October 13, – April 8, ) her real name was Margaret Hilda Roberts.

A British stateswoman who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from toleader of the Conservative Party from toand first female head of government.5/5(2).

Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, LG, OM, DStJ, PC, FRS, HonFRSC (née Roberts; 13 October – 8 April ) was a British stateswoman who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from to and Leader of the Conservative Party from to She was the longest-serving British prime minister of the.

Aug 24,  · Margaret Thatcher was a British stateswoman and the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. From to she was the Leader of the Conservative Party, during which time she was elected for three terms successively as a Prime Minister, serving for 11 years, longer than any other British prime minister of Reviews: 1.

Watch video · Born on October 13,in Grantham, England, Margaret Thatcher became Britain's Conservative Party leader and in was elected prime minister, the first woman to hold the position.

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female prime minister, used her cast iron will to help change the face of Britain. She epitomised a particular school of.

Margaret Thatcher the “Iron Lady” – Former Prime Minister of Great Britain

Margaret Thatcher, in full Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, née Margaret Hilda Roberts, (born October 13,Grantham, Lincolnshire, England—died April 8,London), British Conservative Party politician and prime minister (–90), Europe’s first woman prime minister.

A biography of graet britains prime minister margaret thatcher
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