Eastern airlines facing bankruptcy

Eastern Air Lines

The airline deregulation law of aggravated its delicate position, forcing Eastern into a competitive low-fare environment in which its high cost of operation put the airline at a decided disadvantage. Eastern also underwent a facelift that gave the company a more polished image: His letters to the newspaper were forceful when his ire was raised.

It held these rights until But it excludes treatment for his high blood pressure and diabetes. In his final year piloting the airline Fortune magazine ranked Continental 's No. Four years later, Clinton intervened again when American's pilots walked out to protest the company's rigid bargaining position.

A Harvard-trained attorney, he was a Watergate special prosecutor in the s, general counsel to the Civil Aeronautics Board and counsel to the U. It was a day I will never forget. They were successful in working to persuade Congress to pass a new bankruptcy law preventing bankrupt companies from terminating contracts as Continental had successfully done, but the law was too late to affect Continental.

Eastern was reborn in Miami in He is trying to get complete medical care through the Florida Division of Workers Compensation.

Continental's liability could beless, however, depending upon how much the assets in the pension fund earn from interest on investments. He said his cancer is deemed inoperable.

Eastern's course was different, however.

Eastern to let federal agency pay out retirement benefits

Because it had been the largest airline operating in the New York market, the People Express hub at Newark would permit Continental to expand its East Coast services dramatically. The end came inwhen its assets were liquidated. Continental was experiencing financial challenges both before and after Lorenzo's takeover, and he demanded immediate wage cuts and layoffs to keep the company afloat.

Just as we were about to dispatch the flight, a young female flight attendant begged me to put her on. American Airlines allegedly filed because its pension plans had become too big a burden to fund. Both planes managed to land, averting what would have been the world's worst aviation disaster up to that time.


I cannot remember the last flight I was due to work that evening but the flight crews refused to fly not knowing if they would be able to get back home. We all were in shock and disbelief. About members live in the Orlando area, and another live in the Ocala and Gainesville areas, he estimated.

The ceremonial last flight was Flight from Kansas City to St. He landed in Bradley at Reasons I am sure are many but very high cost for the aircrraft with corrosion last year as well as the delays of our new Airbuses lead to too high costs for wet lease and cancellations which in the end became too much for the airlines.

Mar 09,  · If Frank Lorenzo decides to place Eastern Airlines in bankruptcy proceedings, he will be facing a different set of rules than when he sought protection of federal bankruptcy laws for Continental. Continental Airlines, the nation's eighth-largest, went belly-up the other day, the second major airline bankruptcy since Congress deregulated the industry in Eastern Airlines Facing Bankruptcy.

InEastern Airlines was in desperate trouble. The fourth quarter of had shown a $ million loss, and financially experts. Most extensive and up to date airline knowledge base: More than 42, aircraft, 6, airports and 7, airlines, access to fleet lists, worldwide airline schedules and route networks, airline management contacts, airline capacity and frequency analysis, airline PSS directory, up to date airline.

Eastern Airlines Facing Bankruptcy InEastern Airlines was in a bad position. The fourth quarter of had indicated a $ million misfortune, and monetarily specialists had told Frank Borman, president and boss official officer, that the carrier had three decisions: 1) a 20 percent pay cut for all union and noncontract workers.

Eastern Airlines: A air carrier dedicated to perfection in air travel and connecting families, friends, adventurists and business partners across the globe.

Eastern airlines facing bankruptcy
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History Of Eastern Airlines