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Air Pollution Information System

Organizations such as 5 Gyres have researched the pollution and, along with artists like Marina DeBrisare working toward publicizing the issue.

The term infollution or informatization pollution was initially coined by Dr. Ozone pollution can cause respiratory diseasecardiovascular diseasethroat inflammation, chest pain, and congestion.

Some technologies are seen as especially intrusive or pollutingfor example instant messaging. In the public buildings the sanitary facilities were unbelievably primitive What are the effects of lead on ecosystems.

In the hierarchy of controls, pollution prevention and waste minimization are more desirable than pollution control. What are the effects of lead on human health.

I have started a Facebook page http: Because responsibility or consequence for self-directed action lies partly outside the self, an element of externalization is involved.

Sites overflow with either low-value stream-of-consciousness postings or bland corporatese. If there are external benefits, such as in public safetyless of the good may be produced than would be the case if the producer were to receive payment for the external benefits to others.

Three factors determine the severity of a pollutant: As for the quest for knowledge amid such information pollution, I am reminded of an age old adage: The music system in your car should not be loud for the people outside to hear.

Children and infants are also at serious risk.

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Invasive species can out compete native species and reduce biodiversity. Smog and haze can reduce the amount of sunlight received by plants to carry out photosynthesis and leads to the production of tropospheric ozone which damages plants. This web site includes links to databases, bibliographies, tutorials, and other scientific and consumer-oriented resources.

Yet, cognitive studies have demonstrated that there is only so much information human beings can process before the quality of their decisions begins to deteriorate. Some sources of pollution, such as nuclear power plants or oil tankerscan produce widespread and potentially hazardous releases when accidents occur.

At this point the damage of one extra unit of pollution to society, the marginal cost of pollution, is exactly equal to the marginal benefit of consuming one more unit of the good or service.

Information Pollution & Doomsday Consequence

Blue drain and yellow fish symbol used by the UK Environment Agency to raise awareness of the ecological impacts of contaminating surface drainage. Effects [ edit ] The effects of information pollution can be seen at a number of levels, from the individual to society in general. Breathing air with a high concentration of CO reduces the amount of oxygen that can be transported in the blood stream to critical organs like the heart and brain.

In the hierarchy of controls, pollution prevention and waste minimization are more desirable than pollution control.

Basic Information about Carbon Monoxide (CO) Outdoor Air Pollution

Information pollution is a worldwide scourge that afflicts not just travelers but everyone. In the United States, for example, you can't buy a lawnmower without a.

What is land pollution? Land pollution is the deterioration (destruction) of the earth’s land surfaces, often directly or indirectly as a result of man’s activities and their misuse of land resources.

Information Pollution was born out of restraints. After moving into a new house with little space to set up his studio properly, Strategy (Portland producer Paul Dickow) could only work with a. How lead gets into the atmosphere and the effect it has on human health and ecosystems.

Important Information. Air Quality Index – What It Is. The AQI is an index for reporting daily air quality. It tells you how clean or polluted your air is, and what.

Office of Pollution Prevention and Right-To-Know About Us The Office of Pollution Prevention and Right to Know promotes multi-media environmental management and tracks the storage, use and release of hazardous substances.

Information for pollution
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