Observation of an aa open group

The meeting was held at a hotel and the group was called the "Friends of Bill W. In traditional society, family and friends provided social support. These were women who rotated between pouring their souls on the carpet and lifting up those of other members.

Alcoholics Anonymous Reaction Paper

This man looked very unhealthy and lucky to be alive after the story he told. Although it is generally expected, it is not required that those who wish to share identify themselves as being alcoholic.

It is a program to get to the root of the problem. Smaller meetings and meetings in which the seating arrangement is circular or around a table sometimes "go around the room" starting at one side and continuing to the other unless time runs out.

Both meetings required all attendees to maintain uninterrupted conversation, when individual speakers hared their narratives. They know and understand that everyone in that room faces the same demons that they do every single day.

Something more, and often something painful and undeniable, is usually required in addition to whatever intellectual insight the alcoholic may possess. There are no written or rigid rules. Many of the members were smoking outside before the group began as well as drinking coffee during the meeting.

The chances therefore are great that whatever the newcomer specifically shares, others will respond by relating feelings and experiences similar to his.

My Alcoholics Anonymous experience: Part one

There was a mix of people at the meeting; however there the majority of the group was white, there was one African American man there. This is what I was hoping to see at an AA meeting…a community of care and concern for one another.

Despite their differences, they united in their common goal for a better life. While apologizing for the misinformed website and letting her know we'd try elsewhere, the attendant stopped me and said that they could ask the group if we could observe.

The idea behind having a speaker relates to the concept of catharsis, which Mohr states "is the expression of feelings, especially those involving deep emotions"p. A considerable amount of "energy" is required to lift the alcoholic from his normal, i. However, I knew someone who is currently a member of AA.

Something else to keep in mind when considering the first AA meeting is the usually highly abnormal and unstable physical state of the alcoholic. 1. AA Support Group Observation AA Support Group Observation By Jennifer Celtrick 2 AA Support Group Observation Abstract This paper covers my observation of an.

My Alcoholics Anonymous experience: Part one

Observation Of An AA Open Group Doc. Topics: Self-help groups (AA World Services, ). As much as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) fellowship has a strong spiritual component, it does not associate with any religious belief or political party, or any organization.

It stands by itself as an intercontinental fellowship of resilient men and women. Observation Of An AA Open Group Doc By admin In Essay Samples On March 4, Indeed, must attest to the act that, stigma surrounding alcoholism still. The meeting room is perfect for Alcoholics Anonymous.

The room is surrounded by numerous oak trees with a small pond in the center of the complex.

Observation Of An AA Open Group Doc

Having this view in front of the group could only help a person feel at ease with themselves. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS OBSERVATION PAPER 2 Alcoholics Anonymous Self-help Group Observation Experience Alcoholics Anonymous of Central Ohio has a meeting at Stonewall’s central office meeting room, located at W.

Broad Street, Columbus, OHevery Friday at The element of ‘story sharing’ seemed to be quite compelling and perhaps the most effective part of the AA meetings.

In hearing others’ stories, members have found that .

Observation of an aa open group
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